Warehouse Racking System

TTF Drive-in Racking System

TTF Drive-in Racking System

TTF Drive-in Racking System 

Descriptions : 

*Available for Customize

TTF Drive-in Racking System allows long-term storage of same-size goods. The design of racking allows forklift trucks to be driven right into the center of the block between any uprights on the front face for pallet retrieval. This is made possible because the design does not need cross beams that will block entry.  

The pallets are supported on the front-to-back edges by continuous rails cantilevered from the upright at each pallet level. Stock rotation is poor with a floor utilization capacity of 65%. Again, TTF versatility in fabricating rack systems according to customer requirements makes the Drive-in Racking System a formidable business solution. All safety aspects and product load specifications are formulated by 3D CAD Software to suit the customer's needs. 


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