KOMTEC Drum Handling Equipment

KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler

KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler

KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler

Specifically in catering drum handling issue, KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler is used to assist user in moving the drum around the warehouse/factory from 1 area to another area in an easier way.

Specifications :

 Product Code COT 400
 Capacity kg 400
Type of lifting  mm Hand /Foot Pump 
Operation type  Walkie 
Tilt Angle  180°
Material  Nylon 
Qty of Steering/ loading wheel  2/2
Whee Base mm 1080
Loading Wheel  mm Ø180 x 50
Steering Wheel  mm Ø180 x 50
Drum Vertical lifting weight (H1)  mm 1450
Drum elevation level  mm 1350
Drum 135° tilt height  mm 1250
Overall Length (L)  mm 1200
Overall Width (W) mm 960
Overall height (H)  mm 2030
Min. turning radius  mm 1250

*Product colours depends on stocks: Red / Yellow.

The drawing of Manual Drum Handler (COT 400) : 



KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler -COT 400

-Remarkable versatility for raising, transporting, rotating and tilting with safe and easily operation. 
-It can lock a drum in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal position for draining through a faucet. 


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