KOMADA Stacker

KOMADA Self Lifting Stacker

KOMADA Self Lifting Stacker

KOMADA Self Lifting Stacker 

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Specifications : 

Product code ZTS 0513
Capacity  500 (kg) 
 Load center (C) 400 (mm)
Type of lifting  Electric  
Operate Type  Walkie 
 Material  Nylon / PU 
 Wheel Base (y)  860 (mm) 
Front Wheel Base (b11) 380 (mm) 
 Back Wheel Base (b10) 670 (mm) 
Qty of Steering/Bearing/Balance Wheel  2/2/6
Bearing Wheel  Ø70 x 60
Steering Wheel  Ø100 x 50
Balance Wheel  Ø40 x 26
Training Wheel  Ø30 x 26
Min fork height 90 (mm) 
Max fork height (h3) 1300 (mm) 
 Fork outside width  535 (mm) 
Fork inside width  225 (mm) 
Fork Length  1150(mm) 
Single Fork size (e/s) 155/60 (mm) 
Overall length (L1) 1600 (mm) 
Overall width (b1)   790 (mm) 
Overall height (h1)  1600 (mm) 
Whole height (after tape file shelf) (h4)  2900 (mm) 
Length of vertical surface to fork (L2)  1150 (mm) 
Min turning radius  1120 (mm) 
Lifting Speed (laden/unladen)  80/110 (mm/s) 
Lowering Speed (laden/unladen)  80/80 (mm/s) 
Lift Motor  12/0.8 (V/Kw) 
Battery Capacity  12/33 (V/Ah) 
Battery Weight  10 (kg) 

The drawing of Self Lifting Stacker (ZTS 0513) : 


KOMADA Self Lifting Stacker -ZTS 0513


• Loading capacity: 500kg, 700kg, 1000kg is optional.
• Lifting height is 800 - 1500mm. At max lifting height, the loading is no reduce.
• Semi electric type self lifting stacker, the lifting and lowering speed is adjustable,
  according to the user's needs.
• Steering chain auxilary device.
• Over discharge protection,m extending battery life.
• Sealed batteries free of maintenance, safe operation and no pullution.
• Explosion-proof valve design, down more stable and reliable.
• 700kg model adds the design of the normal to facilitate the lifting of the cargo.
• Add the design of the guide rail, makes pushing and pulling the goods more labor saving and convenient.


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