Heavy Duty Racking System

TTF Heavy Duty Selective Pallet Racking System

TTF Heavy Duty Selective Pallet Racking System

TTF Selective Pallet Racking System 



Height (mm)
 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700, 3000, 3300, 3600, 3900, 4200, 4500, 4800, 5100, 5400, 5700, 6000, 6300, 6600, 6900, 7200, 7500 
Depth (mm)  450, 600, 750, 900, 1000, 1200, 1500
Length (mm) (C/E)  900, 1200, 1350, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700, 3000, 3300, 3600
Shelve Level 2,3,4,5,6 (Available Customize) 
Decking Material Bay (without Plywood) 

 Loading Capacity  (kgs)

1000kgs, 2000kgs, 3000kgs / UDL per level
 Colour Frame Set :        
Beam:         OR          (Optional)


TTF Selective Pallet Racking System is constantly in demand by all warehousing facilities requiring palletised storage and handling. This system allows instantaneous access to store articles without incurring load crushing.

The TTF Selective Pallet Racking System offers an excellent stock rotation function and only uses 40% of warehouse floor space. With a maximum UDL (Uniformly Distributive Load), the TTF Selective Pallet Racking System can withstand loads from 1000kg ~ 3000kg per level. Effective, economical and flexible, TTF Selective Pallet Racking System is the solution to increase warehouse productivity.

The TTF Selective Pallet Racking System can be set up in single and double-sided runs to suit all forklift and hand pallet trucks. Depending on aisle width and maximum load height, TTF Selective Pallet Racking System offers a low start-up solution. It is also packed with features for maximum versatility. With features like drum stoppers and frame guards, the system meets the strict safety requirements of today's modern warehouse.


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