Gondola Shelving System

Island Gondola Shelving Rack

Island Gondola Shelving Rack

Island Gondola Shelving Rack 

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Specifications :

 Height (mm) 1192, 1492, 1792,
2092, 2392
 Depth (mm) 342 (Shelving), 400 (Bottom Shelve)
 Length (mm) 905, 1210 (dimension of shelve exclude upright) 
 Back Cover   Metal Plate / Netting / Metal Perforated      
   Decking Material   Metal Shelving Plate
    Loading Capacity      60kg - 80kg UDL/Shelf
Colour White, Black 


TTF Island Gondola Shelving Rack 
TTF has embarked on producing extremely functional gondolas for the display of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).TTF Island Gondola also plays a crucial role where it is the main part of the system. Through its double-sided design and its ability to join bay by bay, maximizes the spaces for product displaying purposes. Space maximization, cost-effectiveness, and reliability make TTF Gondola Shelving System a dependable system.



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