Gondola Shelving System

Wall Gondola Shelving Rack

Wall Gondola Shelving Rack

Wall Gondola Shelving System

Specifications :

Height (mm)     1192, 1492, 1792,
2092, 2392
Depth (mm)    342 (Shelving), 400 (Bottom Shelve)     
Length (mm) 905, 1210 (dimension of shelve exclude upright) 
 Back Cover     Metal Plate / Netting / Metal Perforated    
 Decking Material Metal Shelving Plate
 Loading Capacity 60kg UDL/ Shelf
 Colour White, Black 


TTF Wall Gondola Shelving Rack 

As one of the main parts of the whole system of TTF Gondola Shelving, TTF Wall Gondola Shelving Rack is designed to cater to users that intend to have a displaying shelving system near the wall. With various sizes and inches, users can choose the type of Gondola that best suits their stores or places. Highly convenient, easy installation and reliable, TTF Gondola Shelving was the best display shelving system.
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