Light Duty Racking System

TTF Rakku Boltless Rack

TTF Rakku Boltless Rack

TTF Rakku

Specifications : 

Height (mm)  1828 2130 2435 3040  
 Depth (mm)  300 400 450 600  
Length (mm)  900 1200 1500 1800 2400
Shelve Level  2 3 4 5 6
High Density Fiber Board (HDF) 
Capacity (kg)
100kg - 400kg UDL/ level
Colour  Matte Dark Gray         


Rakku Boltless Rack our new design of rack are further development from our exising Boltless Rack Concept, come with various choice of sizes. TTF Rakku Boltless Rack is designed for shop and retail usage. They have decking materials made of HDF Board. It comes with Millimetres (mm) measurement. 

TTF Rakku Boltless Rack is semi-customizable due to the various sizes available and finds a configuration that fits the specific layout of your shop. Whether it is small size of TTF Rakku Boltless Rack unit or large, TTF Rakku Boltless Rack helps to increase vertical space usage by achieving the S.T.E.M philosophy. 

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