Light Duty Racking System

TTF Kaizen Metal Rack

TTF Kaizen Metal Rack

TTF Kaizen Metal Rack 

Specifications : 

Description Dimension : Height x Length x Shelves Levels x Decking Materials
Height (mm) 1800 2100 2400  
Depth (mm)  450 600    
Length (mm)  900 1200    
Shelve Level  4 5 6 (Customize available) 

Decking Material 

Metal Shelve Plate 

Loading Capacity (kg) 

Max Load 150kg UDL/ level 


Beige Beige


With a loading capacity of 150 kg UDL (Uniformly Distributive Load), TTF Kaizen Metal Rack was designed as a light-duty shelving system with a metal shelf plate. Each shelf is finished with anti-rust epoxy powder coating.
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