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Industrial Plastic Tray PB1001
Industrial Plastic Tray PB1001
PB1001YW/ PB1001LG
PB-Color (YW/LG) :


Specifications :

 Product Code PB1001YW PB1001LG
 Size (mm) : W x D x H 610 x 410 x 125
 Colour Yellow Light Grey
 Weight (kgs) 1.2


TTF Industrial Plastic Tray PB1001

With a limited storage space, using storage boxes & bin are the best way to help you organize everything. TTF Industrial Plastic Tray are design to help you save time store and organize your stuff or goods while saving your money and storage space.

Our plastic storage box come in various design and sizes, such as Tray, Bin, Basket and Container with affordable prices. With it's stackable features, making TTF Industrial Plastic Tray the most reliable and economic storage solution.

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