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Multi Box (MB1)
Multi Box (MB1)


Specification :

 Product Code MB1
 3pcs Box Stack Size - Overall HxWxL (mm) 201 x 123 x 155
 Drawer Size HxWxL (mm) 57 x 101 x 138
 Single Box Size HxWxL (mm) 65 x 122 x 151
 Material Hips Recycle (Body), PP (Drawers)
 Colour Black

*MB1 sold in 3pcs/pack.


TTF Multi Box (MB1)

Inevitably, every houses, office, factory and etc will be having certain small or loose items like screws, pins, buttons and etc. Hence, to ensure neat, tidy and non-missing of those items, TTF Multi Box (MB1) best fit into the position of 'mini-item-keeper'.

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