KOMADA Trolley

KOMADA 3-Tier Tool Cart

KOMADA 3-Tier Tool Cart

KOMADA 3 Tier Tool Cart

KOMADA 3 Tier Tool Cart as a solution to tool storage issues, is designed for those often used to store and withdraw tools during the ordinary course of business. It features a 4-wheeled cart to enhance flexibility and ensure convenience for the users during their business operation.

Specifications :

 Product Code TC 302
W x L x H (mm)
345 x 700 x 760
 Overall Length (mm) 775 (include handle)
 Loading Capacity (kgs) 150
 Colour Red
 Castor Wheel
(HR4R & HR4SB)
2 Rigid & 2 Swivel Black Hard Rubber Wheel

*Castor Wheel
HR4R (Black Hard Rubber Wheel Rigid Castor), 
HR4SB (Black Hard Rubber Wheel Side Brake Castor)

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