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Foldable Handle Platform Trolley
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Foldable Handle Platform Trolley
KMT 134/KMT 135
Code(Foldable Handle Platform Trolley) :

Qty:     detail

Specifications :

 Product Code KMT 134 KMT 135
 Description / Size : W x L x H (mm) 480 x 740 x 845 590 x 890 x 840
 Loading Capacity (kgs) 200 300
 Net Weight (kgs) 11.6 19.0
 M³ 0.046 0.074
 Castor Wheel (In.) 4" 5"


KOMADA Foldable Handle Platform Trolley

Within a warehouse, there's a need of a tool to assist and help in moving items, products, materials from one to another area, hence, KOMADA Foldable Handle Platform Trolley is there especially when the items is heavy and/or large in quantity. With the foldable handle at the front of the trolley, it can be stored easily and lesser space is needed. In a nutshell, it ensures user friendliness and convenience.


KOMADA Platform Trolley Brake System (For 300kgs Platform Trolley use ONLY)


Specification :

 Product Code KBS 05
 Description Komada Platform Trolley Brake System
  Packing Box Size : H x W x L (mm) 100 x 200 x 575
 Model Size : W x L (mm) 560 x 200

*Sold separately from platform trolley

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