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TTF STORAGE SYSTEMS SDN. BHD. (751135-X) is a leading Racking Systems and Office Systems pioneer in Malaysia. In order to achieve world class standard of quality, we heavily invest into modern machineries and latest sophisticated technology.  

Our full range product such as Light Duty Racking Systems, Medium Duty Racking Systems, Heavy Duty Racking Systems, Selective Pallet Racking, Steel Platform, Mezzanine Floor, Gondola Shelving and Office Systems to all the market segment such as industrial, warehouse, office, retail, hypermarket and residential use.   

With our dynamic strength and full coordination, TTF GROUP also introduce another added products named "TTF Display Systems" Retail & Shopping Equipment, “KOMADA” Material Handling Equipment, "IRON MAN" Pallet Mesh Container, “SAFER” Stainless Steel Convex Mirror, “SHUTER MAN” Aluminium Ladder and “FiTO” Office Systems.   

Our quality standard awarded ISO 9001 authentication certificate. We are confident that with our expertise, latest technology, research and development, we can fulfill our customer needs and requirement to continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management Systems.   


Corporate Culture
Talent Philosophy
Ability: professional knowledge, execution power, learning ability
Conduct: good behaviour and morality, trustworthiness
Passion: proactive, aggressive, enthusiastic, high affinity, doing things with all his heart
Performance: result-oriented, proving everything with performance
Responsibility: work seriously and responsibly, dare to face challenges, do not evade or shirk responsibility

Core Values
The customer is king: we are very grateful to our customers, and shall give our best to fulfil all commitments made by us.
Integrity: we believe in integrity, honesty, righteousness, aggressiveness, good moral values and practise what we preach.
Team spirit: we encourage initiative in communication, cooperation, mutual assistance and enthusiasm, sharing ups and downs and achieving excellence together.
Creativity: all staff shall keep abreast with the times, learn continuously, innovate and reform to improve productivity, product quality and services.

To create an international standard storage system and become a world-class brand of excellence.

-To build a comprehensive and professional storage brand with continuous improvement and innovation.
-To enhance competitiveness and efficiency of our customers and help them reduce cost with our powerful and systematic management.
-To create a happy life together for all staff

Employment Philosophy
We shall retain and put in an important position each and every employee who are moral and capable
We shall train those who are moral but not so capable
We shall watch closely those who are capable but not so moral
We refuse to employ people who are incapable and immoral

don’ts for company staff

1.    Don’t gamble
2.    Don’t fake
3.    Don’t grumble
4.    Don’t accept bribes
5.    Don’t conceal
6.    Don’t waste
7.    Don’t stay in comfort zone

Management Philosophy
We believe in people-oriented management, the objective of which is to help people improve. Management is all about leadership, service and training. The first thing to do is to manage oneself, lead by example, take the lead in learning and making progress. Second, a manager must respect his subordinates, help them and lead them in growing together so that they are capable and willing to work, thereby achieving the spirit of ‘happy working and happy living’.

Rules must be fair and nobody shall be above the system, so that everybody in the company will abide fully by company rules & regulations.

Professional people do professional business with professional expertise and superior talents.

There must be transparent operations that are fair, equitable and open to promote teamwork.

Business Philosophy
To be a respectable international brand—trusted for quality, harmonious development and social responsibility.

Quality Philosophy
With ISO 9001 international quality management as the norm, all departments shall closely monitor various quality objectives and policies to ensure that all product and services to our customers comply with international standards.

Corporate Spirit
To be pragmatic, dedicated, efficient and excellent in everything we do. To be brave to change, break through, grow up, and realize ‘happy working and happy living’.

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