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Light Duty Racking System

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Heavy Duty Racking System

Warehouse Racking System

TTF STORAGE SYSTEMS - One of the most leading pioneer of Boltless Racking System Manufacturer and Exporter in Malaysia and Asia, manufacturing & supplying Exclusive Quality Storage Racking System with competitive price. TTF Racks including Boltless Racks such as Standard Rack, DIY Colour Rack, Simple Metal Rack, Simple Rack, Econ Rack, Trolley Boltless Racks, Pigeon Holes Boltless Rack, Hamper Boltless Rack, Boltless Workbench and others display racks.

Perfect Racks which Save Cost, Save Time, and Easy to Organize your messy stuff like bags & boxes in your Store/Room. TTF Racks come in Yellow & Blue, Red, White, Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Beige and Green. Loading Capacity from 80kgs to 400kgs/UDL Per Level

Boltless Rack (100~400kgs/Shelve)
Standard Rack (80kgs/Shelve)
Econ Rack (200kgs/Shelve)
Simple Rack (200kgs/Shelve)
Simple Metal Rack (150~200kgs/Shelve)
D.I.Y Rack Black (80kgs/Shelve)
D.I.Y. Rack Light Grey (80kgs/Shelve)
D.I.Y Rack White (80kgs/Shelve)
D.I.Y Rack Red (80kgs/Shelve)
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